Programming - WEB Development - Blockhain Specialist



Passionate about programming, my professional career began as a network and server systems analyst and lasted a few years, eventually leading to a change of company to a pure programmer. I participated in the development and maintenance of a cobol management software running in Unix / Linux environments. Subsequently migrated in Windows environment with Sql database and rewritten in objectPascal

Later I started to take care of the development of Web sites, first of all static, later changing the needs, I moved to the development of dynamic sites always more complex always using the most modern technologies. Today the technologies that I prefer and use every day are Codeignite-PHP, Bootstrap, Jquery, Python and when C ++ interventions on blockchains are also necessary.

Whatever work is required of me, I always pay particular attention to the customer's needs and attention to detail to the simplicity and cleanliness of the code with the aim of always obtaining the best possible result.

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